KaiLong is one of the region’s leading real estate investment management companies. We offer comprehensive investment and asset management services for a wide range of institutional and individual investors. We are dedicated to identifying, evaluating, acquiring and managing quality assets for our investors.

KaiLong’s core strength lies in our ability to combine global expertise with insider knowledge of the real estate market. Intimately familiar with the ins and outs of current Chinese regulations and policies, our team also draws on an extensive business network and a well of experience in trade negotiations, capital management, and asset management in order to offer intelligent, innovative solutions. As a result of our versatile approach, we are recognized as one of the most successful and competitive regional real estate investment management firms.

Founded in 2004, our company has forged ahead as one of the few pioneers to have successfully raised RMB-denominated private equity real estate funds. Since 2010, we have established five funds totaling RMB2.8 billion. The fifth fund, launched in 2016, is the first RMB-denominated core fund in China, targeting income generating assets with an initial AUM of Rmb3.4 billion and target AUM of over Rmb15 billion.

We launched our first US dollar fund with fundraising completed in May 2015 after accumulating total funds of US$238 million.

In 2017, KaiLong established two HK dollar funds with a total of HK$1,2 billion raised.

To date, KaiLong has invested a total of over US$2.9 billion in 49 real estate projects. Of these, 28 have already been exited, with excellent risk-adjusted returns.

We have offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu.

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